Friends of Ham Hill

The Friends of Ham Hill is a charity supporting education, conservation, improvement and community activities at Ham Hill Country Park.

About Us

The Friends of Ham Hill is a registered charity established to support and promote education, conservation, improvement and community activities at Ham Hill Country Park, working in collaboration with South Somerset District Council (SSDC) and local community groups and organisations.

We were initially formed as an unincorporated association (effectively a small volunteer community group). In 2018, we became a registered charity, enabling us to seek larger grants and donations.

The Friends work in collaboration with the SSDC Ranger team to look after and improve the park.

We raise funds for Ham Hill, which helps provide educational and recreational activities, fund tools for the volunteer Rangers and deliver those “extras” (large and small) that fall outside the realm of the core management of the park by South Somerset District Council.

Want to get involved?

There are a number of ways you can support the Friends of Ham Hill…

Beautiful Brambles: A prickly subject? Brambles are seen by many as a prickly pest, and not a plant that should be growing wild in a garden, however the humble bramble has many good qualities that we should all appreciate, before we rid our tidy gardens of the plant. A safe haven! Brambles can shelter sapling trees from grazing deer, who’d rather look for food elsewhere than get a face full of thorns. Young foxes often hide away in amongst bramble too. Food for all! In the in summer, the sweet flowers provide nectar for flying insects, and at this time of year, blackberries are eaten by dormice, wood mice, harvest mice, mistle thrushes and blackbirds, as as well peckish Ham Hill rangers! Wildlife corridors! Some animals, like the hazel dormouse or the wren, prefer to move around in tangled up shrubby vegetation, rather than go out in the open. It’s often our prickly friend the bramble that makes this possible. An autumn treat! Blackberries are a delicious snack that goes well in crumbles, smoothies, or simply in a bowl with some icecream. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can make natural dyes from blackberries and create wacky tie dye tshirts. You should always have a foraging book with you if you’re picking wild berrys from hedges, so you’re sure of what you’re eating. Berry food for thought: maybe we’d like the plant more if the stopped calling it bramble or thorn and started calling it a blackberry bush! Quiz time! Roughly how many different micro-species of bramble are there in the UK? (Scroll down for answer) .............Answer: around 300!! See MoreSee Less
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Grazing update: 20th September 2022🐑🐑 Sheep in Butchers field only.🐄🐄 No Cattle.Please keep your dog on a lead at all times when walking in fields where there are livestock. See MoreSee Less
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