Friends of Ham Hill

The Friends of Ham Hill is a charity supporting education, conservation, improvement and community activities at Ham Hill Country Park.

About Us

The Friends of Ham Hill is a registered charity established to support and promote education, conservation, improvement and community activities at Ham Hill Country Park, working in collaboration with South Somerset District Council (SSDC) and local community groups and organisations.

We were initially formed as an unincorporated association (effectively a small volunteer community group). In 2018, we became a registered charity, enabling us to seek larger grants and donations.

The Friends work in collaboration with the SSDC Ranger team to look after and improve the park.

We raise funds for Ham Hill, which helps provide educational and recreational activities, fund tools for the volunteer Rangers and deliver those “extras” (large and small) that fall outside the realm of the core management of the park by South Somerset District Council.

Want to get involved?

There are a number of ways you can support the Friends of Ham Hill…

18 hours ago

HAM HILL Country park
Garlic Mustard or ‘Jack-by-the-hedge’ is a lovely plant that grows at the woodland edges and along hedgerows and it’s popping up all over Ham Hill. It is the foodplant of the orange-tip butterfly larvae and you can often spot adult green-veined white and small white butterflies nectaring on it! 🦋 See MoreSee Less
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Have you ever stopped to admire the stunning shades of blue, green, yellow and brown that envelop the majestic trunks of the mighty oak, down to the tiny twigs of a hawthorn?Join us for a guided walk on 7th May, 10am – 12pm. discovering the wonderful world of lichens. Britain is home to more than 2000 species of lichen, but these fascinating organisms often go unnoticed. This session is perfect for complete beginners, introducing lichen ecology and the identification of a few common species. We’ll be focussing on lichens that grow on trees, as we delve into this hidden world, revealing amazing colour and patterns, how lichens grow and why they are an important part of nature!For booking and further details, visit Somerset Council Somerset News Love Yeovil What’s On Somerset See MoreSee Less
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