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Educational Equipment

The Friends support the Ranger Team in engaging and enhancing visitor experience through educational and informal learning with the provision of self-led guides and trails and the offer of bookable sessions. A wide range of sessions are delivered across subject areas including heritage, ecology and geology. These are greatly enhanced by a hands on approach to learning, allowing pupils to handle historic artefacts and see the earthworks and for ecological and habitat studies the use of scientific sampling equipment to research the mini-beasts and plants that make up the environment at Ham Hill.

Equipment at Ham Hill was limited as much was broken over the years through heavy use and aged. With new replacement equipment the ranger team could offer enhanced study sessions and the equipment could also be widely used though play sessions, and free to access public events at the country park. The new equipment included butterfly nets, magna viewing jars and various SFC pond dipping kits.

The Friends gained funding from Stoke Sub Hamdon Sports and Recreation Trust for the equipment.

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